Teaching is Sharing Part 2

Growing Through Challenges…


As we, here in New Zealand, come together and treasure the gifts of diversity in light of the recent tragedy in Christchurch – Read Think Learn would like to share with teachers around the world who value that diversity in their classrooms


Having ESOL/ESL students in your class is wonderfully positively challenging. Their ability to stretch and enhance our teaching styles benefits both ourselves and other students. 


I encourage you to use lots of rhyme, music, action games (such as clapping games) and role play just as we do with native language learners.


This is part two of sharing of my Teachers Matter Magazine article. It focuses on the language building strength of working with the familiar. If you haven’t already subscribed, I suggest you do. It is a fabulous magazine full of great articles to help with your teaching.Click here for the article. I hope you find it helpful!



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