Morning Meeting Greetings

Getting your day started on a high note!

One of the fun activities that can be used to get your day started is the snowball game:

  1. When the recycle bin is full of paper, this is a fun greeting to try.
  2. Give each child a piece of recycled paper and have them write their name on it.
  3. Then have them crumple the paper into a ball (i.e.- “snowball”) and put the kids into 2 groups on opposite sides of the carpet.
  4. Signal “Go!” and give them 1 minute to have a “snow ball fight.”
  5. When it’s over, have each child pick up a piece of paper and greet the child whose name is written on it and within a set time find out one thing they have in common.

Susan Antonelli has this and several other great starters for the day in this downloadable PDF.


Morning Meeting Greetings
(PDF, 1.1MB)

Starting the day positively and with laughter
Timata te ra pai, ka ki i te kata.

Joyful teaching,

Chief Learning Officer