Our Mission is to enrich reading programmes by providing literacy resources that promote higher order thinking and outcomes.

Our Values

Because we are passionate about and commitment to literacy learning we are developing a portal which provides access to quality resources which will enhance literacy outcomes and make teachers’ jobs easier and more enjoyable!

We Believe:
That the linking of the reading writing and speaking processes enhances comprehension and enjoyment of the material read. Structure and practice are key to empowering children to climb successfully to the highest level of achievement.

To Achieve This:
Our resources use a standard task layout, inspirational language, some open ended activities and attractive age appropriate images all designed to build children’s confidence in their ability to achieve.

We Believe:
That for successful literacy learning it is important to use a variety of high quality resources and activities.

To Achieve This:
We have designed resources that have a single skill focus, encourage meta-cognition through relevant thinking skill practice and engage children in high quality, purposeful tasks.

We Believe:
That ‘practice makes perfect’ .  Practising reading in a variety of contexts is key to achieving successful confident readers.

To Achieve This:
Our website has a variety of reading based activities.  There are links to other websites that provide quality, age appropriate on-line reading.   The search engine design allows teachers to filter effectively and search for and use existing resources in schools in a wide variety of ways.

We Believe:
That teachers are committed to providing literacy programmes that provide stimulating and thought provoking activities. Planning for this takes time, depth of literacy understanding and a variety of approaches.

To Achieve This:
With ease of access, all from our website, you can quickly download excellent resources to complement and enhance your literacy programme. These resources have been developed by a number of different teachers with expertise in the literacy field.


Our Team

Lesley is a New Zealand trained teacher with over 25 years classroom experience. With the arrival of her first grandchild she was keen to have more flexible hours and, having been partner in establishing a similar business in New Zealand, she decided to stretch her wings, learn from the successes of the New Zealand business, expand on those achievements and share her new products internationally.

With a team of six very talented teaching colleagues she is quickly building a wonderful variety of resources that reflect her passion for infusing thinking skills into all areas of teaching and learning – so encouraging children to achieve their maximum potential.

She has also enlisted the help of three great young artists who are illustrating the resources with clear, helpful and fun pictures.

Karen Boyes, CSP

The Teachers Teacher, Study Queen, Publisher of Teachers Matter Magazine & Organiser of Teachers Matter Conferences.

“Lesley is a true out-side the box thinker with a wonderful vision for literacy for children. She has a holistic view with the addition of thinking skills and dispositions that are often left out. Her energy and passion for education is contagious and I highly recommend her work.”

July 22, 2014, Karen was a consultant or contractor to Lesley at Read Think Learn Ltd



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