Free Scrabble Names Game

Scrabble Names Game
There are many fabulous ideas happening in classrooms around the world and I have decided to share some of these with our contacts!

Donna is a NZ teacher who shared this Idea. I am sure many of you will be as keen as I was to use it!

“I have made a welcome to each student and used scrabble letters.

I have then created an activity where they have to find someone with the same scrabble name score as them and find something else they have in common, find someone with double their name score etc……

You can also use it for things like – the person with highest scrabble name score goes first etc…

I used Google drawing to make the name tags – it has all the scrabble letters on it.
Feel free to use this idea. (I used word art for the title as it is much easier to resize.) Change the background and personalise away…. “

Thank you Donna!

Chief Learning Officer