Make good use of the freebies!

Too many ideas or topics and too many steps to find a few valuable resources?
Too much time spent sorting the value from the rubbish?
Too frustrating to navigate your way around the advertising?

We found the same thing and have decided to focus on just a few sites that we think are easy to use and support our focus of THOUGHTFUL responses to reading.

Many of you will already be aware of two of our favourites – Unite for Literacy and Storyline Online. We have suggested follow up activities for the wonderful free readers on the Unite for Literacy site.

We also have mini literacy units with great Bloom’s/Gardner’s categorised activities built around the fabulous picture books shared on Storyline Online.

Other sites like Wonderopolis, who present a ‘wonder’ each day, are hot on our favourites list. The articles come with an inbuilt glossary and a challenge to extend vocabulary while learning some truly amazing facts.

The international children’s digital library has a wide selection of online books and I find this particularly useful if you have an ESL child in your class. Find a book in their language and share it with the class. So many benefits come with a recognition of the dependence on the visual language of picture books. You will also find an amazing growth in empathy!

DOGO News present current events and come with some wonderful follow up responses. The addition of a glossary for the article and the focus on critical and creative thought makes us give this site a great big tick!

Of course, our generic activities (some of which we shared in our last newsletter) can also be used alongside any of these sites if you are wanting to use them to focus on a specific reading skill.

Whatever you choose – remember to keep it simple!

We invite you to sign up and view all we have to offer to go alongside the wonderful resources that are out there in this digital world!



Thank you,

Chief Learning Officer